Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

Choose a username or alias:
Suggestions are not to use anything that someone else can guess (such as your name or anything about you on facebook). Perhaps pick a phrase and just use the first letters, E.G." Eartha Kitt is a great singer and I would give her 9 out of 10 becomes EKiagsaIwgh9oo10 or a name or a place or a line in a song that is important to you. More information on this can be found at  (Wiki How passwords).
NB: Usernames are case sensitive and must be greater than 7 and less then 80 characters. Any punctuation or special characters can be used.

Choose a site name:
You can choose any site name or phrase you want. E.G. Myebay . However it is safer to drag and drop or cut and paste the site URL into the field as this will help avoid phishing sites obtaining your passwords. (A false URL will generate a different password from the genuine URL).
NB: Site Name must be more than 4 characters and is case insensitive. (We also change a full URL to its bare minimum to be more readable).   Words of warning, some sites have different web addresses for registration and logging in. Also some have different domains. EG: login.examplesite.com, register.examplesite.com or Examplesite.com, Examplesite.co.uk. Each of these cases will generate a different password!
In these cases you can:
a) Go to the login screen, generate a password using that URL and copy it. Then when registering use the copied password
b) Use the home page URL to generate  a password.
c) Type in the site name and use this to generate the password. (Will not help prevent phishing)

The Password:
Password Calculator will generate a unique password of 8 characters, with one each of UpperCase, LowerCase and Numeric.
By using the symbol button at least one symbol will be generated as well. Changing the username or sitename even slightly will vary the password calculated.
NB: Not all sites recognise every symbol we use.  For more control over symbols and password lengths use the paid version of PasswordCalculator.com

Migrate to Password Calculator Paid version
Password Calculator is a free casual password generator for occasional use. For more frequent usage or extra facilities try the paid version.
The main usage is still free, you can register your username (if not taken), emulate any passwords you have used here and use an app to access your password calculator (Android, windows desktop, windows phone and Apple*). You will still be able to access your passwords anywhere, but security and encryption is much stronger and unique to you.
The paid version is for more professional users, and allows encrypted storage of user names, optional sitename recognition for previous password genrations, longer passwords, password versioning in addition to choosing a subset of symbols that a site allows or requests.

* To follow if their is demand.