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About Password Calculator

Password Calculator is a free to use site that allows you to generate and retrieve strong different passwords for every site that you use. Just follow our hints and tips regarding your username and never forget a password again.

Password Calculator does not store your passwords but calculates them each time by using a combination of your alias and the site name you have chosen. This is a proven technique using a one time code (your alias) and the sitename. Even if someone guesses your alias then they will still have to identify you and any logins you may use before they can make use of the information.

We do not record any information about you, your IP address or any other details. We only use non persistent cookies, although our advertisers may use other types of cookies. (NB: At present no adverts are used by this site).
This site also supports device applications (windows, windows phone, android devices and IOS* devices). These will enable you to bypass logging in and minimise any internet connection charges.

Wherever you are.  If you have access to the internet you can always generate the right site password unique to you.