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To use:

- Choose a memorable UserName or alias for yourself, but make sure it does not identify you! (See Hints).
- Drag and drop login URL ( or cut and paste URL, or type in the site name) you wish to generate a password for, into the SiteName box.
- Choose if you wish to include symbols to increase the password strength.
- Press 'GO'. (We calculate a password unique to your UserName and SiteName.)

We provide you with this free simple way to calculate strong different passwords for each site you use. Every time you now log in you can retrieve the same password.

No need to remember passwords. Just remember your UserName (See Hints) and type/drag drop in the site name and you have your unique password again.

Each password contains a minimum of 1, upper case, 1 lower case, 1 numeric and 1 symbol (optional).